Today i want to use English to this post. i know my English are so bad. i admit it. 

Talk about salary, for this month, maybe i will get salary on the middle of next month, april. or I’m not getting any salary for this month.erk! Usually, our salary will get on 25th or 26th or 27th. err.. why this month take long time to get it? arrghh! Tension and stress. when i'm stress i will transform myself to trees. erk!

i was plan many activities for this month after get the salary. How i want to go my friend wedding ceremony without any money. 

i know, money are not everything. But everything needs money.
Money oh money. let’s we sing a song. the title is money by ABBA. ngeng!

ok. just relex. hehehe. just short post.

p/s:this post are about money! just money!!!!

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